You will find many comments from satisfied clients below, but here are few highlights to point out:

Mr. Deal,
On behalf of myself, Dominion Post Oak and the TEAM members that attended your training class on February 19th at the J W Marriott.
Thank you.
The TEAM members and I were discussing how informational as well as enjoying your class was to attend. Dominion Post Oak has additional employees scheduled to attend your March 29th class. We have been telling them to get ready to learn and enjoy. It’s not often I’m able to tell employees that when telling them I have scheduled some training for them.
Thank You for making that possible for for me.

- A.R., General Manager, February 2010

Dear M. Deal,
I had the pleasure of attending the Fire Warden training session that you conducted at the Holiday Inn on January 23 2009. I could not speak with you after the class that day but I wanted to express my amazement at the way you have taught us and made it such a lively experience. You definitely are among one of the best teachers I have ever met so far. I can only wish that all the teachers I met and am going to meet are like you. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know I enjoyed your class a lot and thanks for that wonderful session.
Best Regards

- S.K., Atlantic Information Services, January 2009

Dear Mr. Deal,
Thank you very much for making special arrangements for me to attend both sessions of your evacuation training. I enjoyed your sense of humor and directness. I appreciate how you got to the point and kept us on the edge of our seat during each minute in the class. Personally, I learned to question my old belief that safety is in the hands of a few “responsible” men. I now understand that safety is my personal responsibility and I must be aware of my surroundings. My husband has been trying to impress that idea into my mind for 10 years and I did not take him seriously, until I attended your training. I thought he was hyper-vigilant, but now I respect him much much more. Since I am pregnant, I feel that I am doing something active to teach my child and me safety and how to protect ourselves.
I found your “art of teaching” to be perfect and passionate. I thoroughly enjoyed being taught in that happy and fun setting. Thank you.

- R.C., October 2008

Inspector Deal,
Just a short note of thanks for your commitment to our safety. I attended the session this morning. I was concerned initially about boredom. You are gifted in sharing this material in a way that is becomes personal, thought provoking and interesting. The methods that you employ for holding attendee attention were superbly delivered. I left your session feeling much more informed and certainly more sensitive to conditions or circumstances which may surround me.
Please accept my thanks for your professionalism and passion to this worthy endeavor. Please don’t stop!!!!!!!!!!
Your New Friend,

- S.C., Coats Group, Inc, August 2008

Inspector Deal,
Thank you very much for last night’s Consultation and Resident Training Classes. I was pleased with the resident turn out and I’m sure they all left the training armed with some knowledge that may save their life. Each time I hear you speak it motivates me to be better at what I do, that’s the gift of a really great teacher! My goal is to have the best training, best maintenance and best testing of life safety equipment of any property in Houston. You’ve once again put me back on track to achieving this. Thank you!
We have a hand full of new employees that we will be sending to the High-rise Certification Class. After we have that completed I will update the other information you outlined and contact you for our fire evacuation plan renewal.
Thanks again for all your help. I’ll be in touch soon.

- D.O., Chief Engineer, February 2006

I enjoyed the class on Monday. Your expertise and knowledge shone through. Your wit and ease with the crowd make the class beyond enjoyable – you really captured your audience. A few folks sitting around me said they were dreading the class as this was their second time taking it because they had lost their certificates and they assumed it would be as boring as their last one. Not too far into the class, they both agreed that “this” class was really worthwhile because of your presentation style.
I especially liked how in your scenarios you didn’t have to put anyone down to get your point across regarding their ignorance – not all of us know everything about everything. The fact that you made a point to say that it didn’t mean someone was bad because such and such – good quality stuff!
I learned quite a bit, not only from my standpoint as an employee “assigned” this task but I brought quite a few pearls home with me. Thank you and please keep up the good work.

- M.M, Texas Children’s Hospital, November 2005

Inspector Deal,
Hope all is going well. Thought I would just say hi. Your name came up several times in a BOMA class that I had this weekend. We were discussing fire systems in building design. Everyone seemed to know who you were and how well you do your job. Someone made a really nice and telling comment asking how many untold people/lives we thought you have saved by you doing what you do with such passion and dedication. Anyway, thought I’d pass that on. Have a great day!

- R.L., Marathon Oil Tower, August 2005

Dear Chief Corral:
On May 3, 1996, Inspector Steven R. Deal of your department gave a fire safety “seminar” for our Office at the Marriott’s Courtyard hotel on the West Loop South. He spoke to use about fire safety and evacuation techniques. We were expecting a rather dry, but the book “speech” and this meeting was mandatory.
Instead, we were all surprised to find that Inspector Deal’s session was not only information, but clever, funny and truly interesting. This is one of the best presentations that we have been privileged to hear.
You are fortunate to have someone as talented and knowledgeable on this subject as Inspector Deal as we not only enjoyed being in the audience, but learned a great deal about fire safety. Please thank him again for us.

- E.A., U.S. Department of Justice, May 1996

Dear Chief Clayton:
This letter is to commend Captain S. R. Deal. I have just completed a high rise fire safety class taught by him at 5177 Richmond. Not only does Captain Deal make his point, he does so in an entertaining manner.
Chief Clayton, as I told you on the phone this afternoon, I have been around educators all my life. There are ten teachers in my family, and I, myself, taught for nearly twenty years. Since I was five years old, there has never been a single year when I was not in some fashion around a school setting. I can tell you honestly that few teachers can keep a class’s attention for 40 minutes, much less for 55, as your Captain Deal so ably did.
An entertaining class means nothing if the students do not carry away from the class the basic idea behind the lesson. Captain Deal made the point that life itself is the bottom line in fire safety — that education and prevention, thought not panic, saves lives. When education extends itself beyond the classroom, that extension is the direct result of the excellence of the instructor. Speaking only for myself, I may tell you that I carried his lesson home and discussed it with my own child. Additionally, the security alert notices that we frequently send our residential customers will, this month, deal with fire prevention rather than “the bad guys”.
Should there be any way in which our company could be of service to the Houston Fire Department, please let us know. Thank you.

- A.B., All State Guard Service, Inc, May 1988