Spanish Basic Fire Information Session

This new 40 minute online Spanish Basic Fire Information Session is designed for Management Employees (housekeepers & other employees), tenants and residents in high-rise and multistory buildings. This class should assist property owners and building managers in the proper training of their Spanish-speaking employees in the event of a fire or fire alarm. The building owner or manager must provide employees (that watch this video) with the proper information as to what the local fire authority having jurisdiction wants the building occupants to do and where they should go, in the event of a fire or fire alarm.

History has shown that most major fires, especially in high-rise office buildings, occur after hours when most of the building management employees and occupants have left for the day and housekeepers are cleaning the building. Some fire jurisdictions having authority, such as the City of Houston, require all management employees who are staff and/or contracted be properly trained in the event of fire emergencies in high-rise and midrise atrium buildings. In jurisdictions where it’s not required, this online class should help Spanish speaking employees make better decisions in the event of fire emergencies.

It is impossible to discuss and provide one video with exact evacuation information and pre-fire planning for every building because there are so many different fire plans. In the City of Houston there is one required High-rise plan and three required plans for Midrise Atrium Buildings. Plans differ in Harris County, The Woodlands, Sugarland, Webster, the City of Bellaire and other cities and counties depending on the wishes of the fire authority having jurisdiction. Deal’s Consulting will be happy to help you obtain this information.

Class participants may now take the online classes using an Ipad or Android Tablet along with their desktop and laptop.

This new online class has (2) handouts that should be provided to each attendee prior to watching the video:

  • Basic Fire Information Notes, in Spanish (excerpts from the City of Houston’s required Fire Plans for high-rise and midrise atrium buildings)
  • Home Fire Prevention Flyers, in Spanish for the attendees (produced by the Houston Fire Marshal’s Office in 1993)


To successfully complete our online courses, participants must have basic computer skills.  Our classes are completion based. However, the entire course must be completed in order to receive your certificate.

Please read our help page for assistance with our online training system.

Basic Fire Information Session


  • 1, 40 Minute Video
  • Immediate Completion Certificate
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When registering for a class, be sure to use the Student’s name, as this is the name that will appear on the certificate. Payment can be made with a different name at a later step.
  • $25 for 1 person with one class viewing
  • $110 for 5 people with one class viewing
  • $180 for 10 people with up to two class viewings
  • $350 for 25 people with up to three class viewings
  • $600 for 50 people with up to five class viewings

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