Required Mid-Rise Atrium Class

Deal’s Consulting is happy to inform you that the required Mid-Rise Atrium Certification class taught by Inspector Steve Deal is now available online with the approval of the Fire Marshal’s office.  No more waiting a month or two to attend the monthly open class or try to find a class in another building to regain the approval of the Fire Marshals’ Approved Fire Safety Plan.  The class is now available online, 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world. Class participants may now take the online
class using an Ipad or Android Tablet along with their desktop and laptop.


To successfully complete our online courses, participants must have basic computer skills.  Our classes are completion based. However, the entire course must be completed in order to receive your certificate.

Please read our help page for assistance with our online training system.

All management employees who are staff and/or contracted must be trained in High-rise and Mid-rise Atrium buildings. Certification Classes are now available online for the renewal of an expiring certificate (after 5 years), new fire wardens or management employees that understand English.

Since building equipment may differ from building to building, management employees and fire wardens must understand that their certification is not complete and their certificate for completing the class is not valid unless they receive their buildings’ fire and life safety equipment information. They are instructed to request the buildings’ most recent Fire Marshal Approved Fire Safety Plan with the appendix from their building management.

Basic Mid-Rise Atrium Certification


  • 3, 35 Minute Video Segments
  • 8 Question Exam per Segment
  • Immediate Certification Upon Completion

Get Started

When registering for a class, be sure to use the Student’s name, as this is the name that will appear on the certificate. Payment can be made with a different name at a later step.

(Midrise Atrium Buildings with 100% sprinklers and 100% public address systems will have different procedures for fire alarms. See Atrium Class Notes.)

If you have a group of 25 or more, contact us to take advantage of the discounts below.

  • 25 to 49 participants – 10% discount
  • 50 to 99 participants – 20% discount
  • 100 or more- 25% discount