90 Minute Online Basic Fire Information session

If you’re a building owner, manager, or business owner looking to prioritize office safety, you already recognize that a major important precaution is fire safety. In a building that has the potential for accidents to risk hundreds of lives, it’s obvious you want the best in quality of instruction and direction on the steps to take regarding the onset of fire.

After the horrible 2007 six story midrise atrium building fire on the East Loop in Houston Texas, which resulted in three tragic deaths, the city of Houston then passed strict laws requiring buildings to instill pre-fire planning and emergency procedures. You can understand the immediacy of the situation, a need to prevent disasters in normal building fires (outside of arson and terrorism).

Thankfully, there’s an answer to your dilemma. Fire Inspector Steve Deal has just added a NEW class to his online training website: Basic Fire Safety Class for Multi-story Buildings.
Master Houston Fire Inspector Steve Deal has consulted and taught this basic fire safety class for multi-story buildings to many management employees and tenants for twenty years starting at the city of Houston, leading to the Woodlands, Baytown, Sugarland, Bellaire, Nassau Bay, Clearlake, Harris County, Montgomery County, and Dallas. Best of all, his quality information was specifically designed to work together with the fire department and local authorities. Moreover, because of this spectacular new online course, 95% of Deal’s unique instruction, which has been taught since 1981, is now available to multi-story buildings everywhere and not just in high-rise and midrise atrium Houston buildings.

This information should help occupants not unintentionally die in a fire, cause someone else to die in a fire, cause a major fire in the building, cause a major flood with the fire sprinkler water. Accomplish all of that with a convenient online class. Upon completion of this online class, participants will receive a certificate. Class participants may now take the online classes using an Ipad or Android Tablet along with their desktop
and laptop.

Attend your basic fire safety class for multi-story buildings and protect your office, condominium, apartment, hotel, etc. from the potential danger of fire. For more information about this online fire safety training class, call 713-253-4106, email [email protected], or visit www.dealsconsulting.com

Inspector Deal has a deep desire to get the most important elements of his fire safety classes to as many people as possible. He has boiled down his required fire safety classes into a basic fire safety class, suitable for just about anyone. By focusing on the important elements and removing the examinations, he is able to offer the class at rate of only $35/person. Group discounts are available.

Please fill free to share this information with other building owners, managers and tenants.