General Public Basic Fire Information Session

We need to emphasize, like in every area of our life; we are responsible for our own safety.

– National Fire Protection Association

This online class is a short 45 minute version of the High-rise and Mid rise Atrium Certification Class that I have taught to building management employees and fire wardens over the last 30 years.  This class is applicable to tenants, their employees and residents in high-rise, mid rise or multistory office buildings, condominiums, lofts, townhouses and apartments. These people are not required to come to a fire class like fire wardens are, but desire general fire prevention, pre-fire planning and basic emergency procedure information.  I have taught this class for large companies in their regularly scheduled safety meetings, however, this new online class may be viewed by one person, one family or a large group. Class participants may now take the online classes using an Ipad or Android Tablet along with their desktop and laptop.

The class is 30 minutes of basic fire information applicable in high-rise and multistory buildings in the event of a fire emergency and 15 minutes of hotel and home pre-fire planning.  It is designed to help occupants make a better decision in the event of a fire emergency so that they do not indirectly die in a fire, cause someone else to die in a fire, cause a major fire in the building, or cause a flood in a building from the fire sprinklers.

We can customize the class and provide multiple viewings as per your request.


To successfully complete our online courses, participants must have basic computer skills.  Our classes are completion based. However, the entire course must be completed in order to receive your certificate.

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General Public Basic Fire Information Session


  • 45 Minute Video
  • Printable Fire Safety Information

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