Fire Classes

Basic High-rise and Midrise Atrium Certification Classes and Basic Fire Information Session

Only properly trained people react appropriately during a fire alarm, a fire or elevator entrapment. People that are not properly trained, many times indirectly cause disastrous disasters. What to do is not that complicated and will be explained in the fire classes. We will also design and teach fire classes to meet your application.

Some of the topics that may be discussed, time allowing:

  1. Importance of an approved plan or appropriate basic fire information document
  2. Distribution of fire plan or document
  3. Is training transferable from building to building
  4. Good laws come from very bad fires
  5. Pre-fire planning, fire prevention and proper training is the key
  6. We should prepare for the worst (Murphy’s Law Fire) and then hope for the best
  7. Normal people react inappropriately during fire emergencies
  8. Why people panic
  9. What helps people to stay calm during emergencies
  10. Some of the basic building Safety Features discussed:
    • Stairwells
    • Re-entry
    • Roof access
    • Helicopter rescue
    • Stair – travel
    • Fire rated floor separation
    • Evacuation
    • Pressurized stairs
    • Fire alarm systems
    • Pre- recorded messages
    • Monitoring service
    • P.A. systems
    • Fire fighter telephones
    • Emergency generator
    • Sprinkler systems
  11. Elevators
    • Three Types of Services
    • Auto-recall
    • Fire Service Phase I & Phase II
    • Independent
  12. Elevator Entrapments & Rescue
  13. The effectiveness of sprinkler systems
  14. Chicago Loop Administration Building Fire mess ups
  15. The dynamics of fire
  16. Reporting all fires
    • Even small ones
    • Even if extinguished
    • Re-kindles
  17. False alarms
  18. How dangerous are high-rise buildings
  19. Biggest Killers
    • Delay of alarm
    • How normal people react
  20. Who burns up buildings—not on purpose
  21. The preconceived punishment for calling the fire department
  22. Panic
    • People jumping out of windows
  23. Case history of delay of alarms
  24. How dangerous are hotels
  25. Sample fire plan notes
  26. Priorities in the event of a fire or fire alarm for management employees
  27. Fire Hose & Fire Extinguishers
    • The dangers of fighting fire
    • How big a fire will a fire extinguisher will put out
    • How many people are injured fighting stove top fires
  28. Home fire safety
  29. Smoke detectors
  30. Who will rescue you and your loved ones tonight?
  31. Will the fire department get there in time to rescue you?
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