Inspector Steve R. Deal

Inspector Deal is a hard working, ambitious achiever and passionate about his profession with a solid commitment to excellence in every endeavor. He is a strong communicator with an outstanding ability to teach, lead, and establish rapport with people from diverse backgrounds, community groups, professions, and nationalities. He is particularly effective in researching, developing and presenting a variety of Fire Prevention and Pre-fire Planning topics with a proven talent to interface with all levels of management and personnel.

Founder and President of Deal’s Consulting Incorporated, established August 21, 1992.


  • 30 years High-rise pre-fire planning in addition to 4 years Inspection and 3  years fire fighting experience;
  • Developing and conducting comprehensive Seminars and Workshops for Fire Prevention and Pre-fire Planning;
  • Excellent knowledge of local building codes and fire codes, legal procedures, national standards as they apply to Fire Prevention and Pre-fire Planning;
  • Proficient at creating, developing, and implementing policies, procedures and guidelines to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of operational procedures;
  • Regularly attends National Seminars, Workshops, and Courses to maintain thorough knowledge of up-to-date and state-of-the-art Fire Prevention activities;
  • Able to effectively act as liaison to business community, educators, departmental staff, and others;
  • Media guest spots on radio & television.

Professional Highlights

Inspector Steve R. Deal is completing his 37th year in the Houston Fire Department which includes four years fighting fire at the fire station, four years inspecting generally high-rise buildings and twenty-nine years teaching fire prevention and procedures in high-rise, mid-rise e and low-rise office buildings, hotels, apartments, condominiums and lofts. The Texas Commission on Fire Prevention has certified him as an Intermediate Firefighter and Master Fire Inspector.

Inspector Deal assisted in the development of the Houston Fire Code Standards and Fire Safety Plans for high-rise office buildings, hotels, apartments, condominiums and lofts. He has conducted semi-annually pre-fire planning classes for IREM’s real estate continuing education program for building managers. Founder and President of Deal’s Consulting Incorporation established in 1992 which conducts Consultations, Fire Prevention Classes, Fire Drills, Post Fire and Fire Alarm Reviews, Elevator Entrapments, etc. in many types of occupancies inside and outside of the City of Houston. 06/24/74 – Present CITY OF HOUSTON FIRE DEPARTMENT

  • Fire Inspector (06/79 – Present)
    Downtown district Inspector prior to January 1980, then transferred into High-rise Evacuation Training. Received certification from Fire Marshal E. A. Corral on April 28, 1982 to conduct training and emergency procedures in High-rise buildings and hotels.
  • Rewrote a brochure entitled “The Home Fire Safety Book” with new illustrations and content with the help of B.F.I., Aramco, and other such companies which became the number one brochure that the Houston Fire Department Public Education Section distributed for home training classes.
  • Assisted Texaco in putting together a Fire Extinguisher brochure in which they printed 80,000 copies for the fire department.
  • Helped develop the Standard High-rise Evacuation Plan we use in all High-rise office buildings.
  • Helped develop the Fire Depository Box Standard in 1993 with 13 new revisions added in Nov. 2006.
  • Special Assignments include media guest spots on KCOH radio station and television with Fire Chief Clayton.
  • September 2004-Nominated by Fire Marshal Assistant Chief E.A. Corral and Assistant Fire Marshal Deputy Chief Dan Pruitt to assist Fire Chief Phil Boriski’s staff in a 1 year research project and the compiling of information which assisted in developing a retroactive sprinkler ordinance for existing high-rise buildings. The ordinance was approved by City Council November 16, 2005.
  • January 2006-Requested by the Fire Chief’s office to assist in the development of 13 new elevator laws that provided additional elevator keys, labeling and equipment in buildings to be used by fire department personnel during fires, fire alarms and elevator entrapments which all became law in June 2007.
  • January 2008-Requested by Harris County Fire Investigator Tom Pettit to provide information that would assist in developing basic building inspection requirements and a basic fire plan for the 70 mid and high-rise buildings in Harris County.
  • February 2008-Requested by the Fire Chief’s office to review the fire department’s documents regarding High-rise fire fighting and the use of elevators, High-rise building surveys, and elevator operation and elevator continuing education. Worked with Deputy Chief Fernando Herrera and on May 2009 provided information that could be used to formulate elevator guidelines.
  • May 2008-Requested by various District Chief’s to teach basic elevator information classes at fire stations on the operation of elevators during fires, fire alarms and elevator entrapments.
  • January 2009-Requested by various District Chief’s to teach a basic class at fire stations on High-rise surveys to assist in the event of fires, fire alarms and elevator entrapments. Also meets with fire department personnel at individual buildings for hands-on discussion about the building’s fire and life safety systems.

Inspector Deal was a High-rise Fire Inspector of 32 years in the Fire Marshal’s office.