Basic Fire Information Session for Multi-Story Buildings

Fire is a serious issue, especially among building owners, managers, tenants and business owners. All of your assets can go up in smoke if proper pre-fire planning isn’t conducted well. And all it takes is one small accident…

If you’re concerned about fires in your multi-story building, educating employees can be costly with any basic fire class! There are numerous obstacles — scheduling, transportation, and availability. You’d wait for awhile before everything is taken care of.

Fire doesn’t wait. Neither should you.

Thankfully, there’s an answer to your dilemma, Fire Inspector Steve Deal’s Basic Fire Information Session for Multi-story Buildings.

For 20 years, Master Houston Fire Inspector Steve Deal has consulted and taught this course for multi-story buildings in the City of Houston and in other cities and counties such as The Woodlands, Baytown, Sugarland, Bellaire, Nassau Bay, Clearlake, Harris County, Montgomery County, and Dallas. Much of the information he has taught for the last 28 years is now available for all types of multistory buildings in different cities, towns and counties via this online class.

There’s a reason why Houston has never suffered a death of a tenant in 400 high-rise office buildings: pre-fire planning and emergency procedures the fire department has provided to the management staffs and tenants in consultations and fire classes. This information should help occupants not unintentionally die in a fire, cause someone else to die in a fire, cause a major fire in the building, cause a major flood with the fire sprinkler water. Accomplish all of that with a convenient online class. Class participants may now take the online classes using an Ipad or Android Tablet along with their desktop and laptop.

Inspector Deal has a deep desire to get the most important elements of his fire classes to as many people as possible. He has boiled down his required fire classes into a Basic Fire Information Session, suitable for just about anyone. By focusing on the important elements and removing the examinations, he is able to offer the class at rate of only $49/person.


To successfully complete our online courses, participants must have basic computer skills.  Our classes are completion based. However, the entire course must be completed in order to receive your certificate.

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Basic Fire Information Session


  • 3, 30 Minute Video Segments
  • Immediate Completion Certificate
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