When It Comes To Fire Safety

It’s Not Enough to Hope for the Best We Must Prepare for the Worst

There are many hidden assumptions between many fire department personnel and management representatives during a fire and other emergency situations. The risk of being unprepared can be devastating. Buildings need to have properly trained management personnel in charge of procedures and specific responsibilities before the fire department arrives. Management should be properly trained to assist the fire department with information about the buildings’ fire and life safety systems. Inspector Deal can share information that he has learned in the last 37 years in the Houston Fire Department so you can better train your staff and be better prepared for fire or other emergencies.

The risks are too great to settle for mediocrity. Deal’s Consulting will be happy to assist you in this very important task.

One of the critical components for building management and owners is to have a property trained employees who are staff and/or contracted at all times. To obtain this, comprehensive and well-developed guidelines must be in place and ready for execution. Realizing the need for a personal plan and being prepared for a tragic event such as a fire, Deal’s Consulting can direct you in achieving this goal.

Meet Master Houston Fire Inspector Steve R. Deal

Inspector Deal specializes in pre-fire consultations with management employees. He teaches fire classes for building management employees, fire wardens, office buildings, tenants, condominium residents, hotel staff, and general employees in low, mid and high-rise buildings. He consults on fire plans, guidelines, post fire and fire alarm reviews, false alarm prevention, basic elevator information, elevator entrapments, fire drills and pre-fire surveys. He also conducts pre-inspection surveys. Deal’s Consulting will be happy to assist you in this very important task. Although Deal’s Consulting is located in Houston, Texas, he is more than willing to assist you in all fire related needs wherever you are located.

Among his many accomplishments are:

  • Personally appointed by the Fire Marshal to head a special committee in charge of recommending laws and regulations for high-rise building fire safety.
  • Helped develop the Houston Fire Code Life Safety Standards and Fire Safety Plans for high-rise office buildings, hotels, apartments, condominiums and lofts. All of which he continually reviews.
  • Certified Intermediate Firefighter and Master Fire Inspector by the Texas Commission on Fire Prevention.
  • Has conducted semi-annual Fire Safety Classes for IREM and their Real Estate continuing education program for building managers.
  • Develops and conducts comprehensive Seminars and Workshops for Fire Prevention and Pre-Fire Planning.
  • Founder and President of Deal’s Consulting Incorporated, established August 21, 1992.
  • Full list of Accomplishments.

Inspector Steve Deal is a hard working, ambitious achiever who is passionate about his commitment to excellence relating to fire prevention education.

He is recognized as an expert in local fire and building codes, legal procedures, and National Fire Prevention Standards. His strong communication style and teaching methods makes him an asset to business groups, community groups, and building associations from all backgrounds and needs.

Inspector Deal is a trustworthy source to assist in your Pre-Fire Planning and Fire Prevention Training Requirements.

Deal’s Consulting, Inc. offers:

  • Pre-fire planning consultations
  • Fire classes
  • Other services including: consulting on fire plans, guidelines, post fire and fire alarm reviews, false alarm prevention, basic elevator and elevator entrapment information classes, proper fire drills information, pre-fire surveys. He also conducts pre-inspection surveys.
  • Expert witness and evaluation

For more information, please Contact Inspector Deal.