New Building Consulting

Recently I retired from the Houston Fire Department after 37 years of service at the rank of Master Fire Inspector. During that time, I fought fires for four years, inspected high-rise and multi story buildings for three years and for 30 years taught pre-fire planning, emergency procedures and fire prevention in high-rise and midrise buildings. All of my accomplishments are listed on my website at (See accomplishments) Over the years, working with building managers and owners to obtain the required Fire Marshal Approved Fire Safety Plan, in new buildings, it has come to my attention that many important items are indirectly overlooked. Even after the city or county fire and building inspectors have signed off on the building, there are still building fire and life safety issues concerning pre-fire planning, emergency procedures and fire prevention that need to be addressed, many, which could have been caught in the planning stage and/or during the construction of the building such as:

  • Appropriate building addresses
  • Pre-fire planning and emergency procedure consultation with the upper property management employees who are staff and/or contracted
  • Appropriate fire classes (on-site and/or online) for management employees who are staff and/or contracted and tenant representatives (call fire wardens in some jurisdictions)
  • Online Fire Classes for Spanish-speaking employees and housekeeping
  • Appropriate fire drills
  • Appropriate fire plan for each building
  • High-rise surveys
  • Fire depository boxes
  • Stairwell identification
  • Stairwell re-entry
  • Fire Department sprinkler/standpipe connection signage
  • Elevator signs
  • Elevator keys and equipment not provided by the elevator company
  • Fire alarm permit
  • Fire alarm system pre-recorded message
  • False alarm prevention
  • Proper labeling of all fire and life safety equipment
  • Access to building from the outside, FCC room, and FD Box
  • Firefighter phones
  • Stairwell emergency phones
  • Appropriate failsafe locks for exits and stairwell re-entry
  • All stair door unlocking switches in the Fire Command Centers
  • Etc.

Deal’s Consulting is very experienced in providing information that would help the building owner, property management employees who are staff and/or contracted and occupants in the event of a fire, fire alarm, elevator entrapment and EMS calls in your new buildings.

It would be my pleasure to work as a consultant with you, the building owner, your management company and the local fire department to make the transition into your new building as smooth as possible. Feel free to share this information with other building managers.

Thank you
Recently Retired Houston Master Fire Inspector Steve Deal
Cell: 713.253.4106
Email: [email protected]