Basic Elevator Information Session

Deal’s Consulting has constructed a new Basic Elevator Information Session for management employees who will assist the Fire Department during fire alarms, fires, elevator entrapments and emergency medical calls and is ready to teach this class on-site to your management staff.

This class has been requested by various Houston Fire Department District Fire Chiefs, Building Owners, Building Managers, Chief Engineers and Security Personal and is much more detailed regarding elevators than is required to be taught in the Upper Management Consultation and in the High-rise and Midrise Atrium Certification Class.

Information will be provided in this class to assist Building Owners and Building Managers which are required to train their employees concerning elevators. The Fire Code requires in the Fire Marshal’s Life Safety standard (LSB#7) and in the Fire Marshal Approve Fire Safety Plan that the Fire Safety Director is responsible for training the management personnel that meet the Fire Department when they arrive at a building during an emergency. They must basically understand the purpose and operation of all of the Buildings’ Fire and Life Safety Equipment.

One area the person who meets the Fire Department must be properly trained and very efficient in is the use and operation of the elevators and their components. The information and knowledge of the management staff that assist the Fire Department will possibly determine the successful outcome during a Fire Emergency, Medical Emergency or Elevator Entrapment.

This is a three (3) hour Basic Elevator information Session that I was requested to teach for twenty Fire District Fire Station Crews in 2009 and 2010 which has been formatted for management employees. It consists of two (2) hours in the classroom and one (1) hour walk-through viewing some of the elevator equipment in the building.

Some building managers have requested two classes, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, to enable half the employees to attend the class while the other half are taking care of the concerns of the building. At your request it would be my pleasure to conduct this class at your building for a fee of $500.00 per class.