Other Services

Other services including:

  • Basic fire information classes (2 & 1/2 hour )
  • One hour basic information session for building tenants
  • Travel and hotel fire prevention classes
  • Home fire prevention  classes
  • Basic elevator and elevator entrapment information classes
  • Basic fire and building life safety systems information classes
  • Other customize classes as requested
  • Basic False Alarm prevention classes
  • How to conduct a proper Fire Drill
  • Post fire and Fire Alarm review
  • Pre-fire survey information
  • Pre- fire inspection survey
  • Expert witness and evaluation

For more information on these services, please Contact Inspector Deal.

Other services including:

· One hour basic fire information sessions for building tenants

· How to conduct proper fire drills

· Post fire and fire alarm reviews

· False alarm prevention information

· Basic elevator and elevator entrapment information

· Basic building fire and life safety system information classes

· Pre-fire survey information

· Pre-inspection surveys.

· Home fire classes

· Travel and hotel fire classes

· other classes as requested